It’s Easy Being Green

Episode Synopsis:
This week Caroline Howell, founder of GreenBeanie, joins Greg and Tina to discuss green living. The team learn practical things they can do conserve the environment, stay healthier, and save money. Each pulls from his and her experience with their own children around the topics of recycling, packaging, cleaning supplies, and responsibility on the part of both child and parent. Caroline gives insight into ways to teach your children the value of going green.

Guest Bio:
Caroline Howell is a Green Home & Lifestyle Consultant, whose business, GreenBeanie™ Inc. is headquartered in Pasadena, CA. Caroline founded her company to formalize the advice she was sharing with friends and family about “green living” including habits and routines that are better for your health, the health of those around you and the planet. The mission of GreenBeanie™ is to help make it easy for families to practice and promote personal and environmental health; this is done through personalized consultations and Green Action Plans. Over the past year, Caroline has been Jillian’s green guru helping her implement changes around her home that promote greener and healthier living.

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